The Brakes Project is intended to serve as a resource for those who are concerned about climate change, who want to know what exactly the threat is, what governments are doing about it, and what we as individuals need to be doing.  It comes from my own struggle to get my arms around the scope and scale of the problem and to understand how my own actions fit into the bigger picture.

My goal is to put the latest science and current events in context, and to present it all in clear, plain terms that everyone can understand.  A lot of excellent work is being done all around the web and the wider world — this site relies heavily on those resources. I hope I have found a helpful way to piece it all together into a coherent picture.


About me

Emily Mitchell-Ayers, PhD is an ecological engineer living in Albany, NY. She is the former owner of The Brakes Coffeehouse on Lark Street in downtown Albany.